Are you Smoking Genetically Modified Cannabis?


Do you know if the strain you are smoking has been messed with in the form of genetic modification?

GW Pharmaceuticals (GW) has been growing and experimenting with cannabis at an undisclosed location in the South of England since July 1998.  In addition, this writer just learned that in June of 1999, GW filed an application to establish a partner company in Canada “to continue its investigations” in growing strains of cannabis “in more detail”.  PLUS, according to, GW has been conducting human trials whereby “humans were monitored whilst ingesting different extracts of cannabis through varied delivery systems” beginning in November 1999.

GW Pharmaceutical

2 thoughts on “Are you Smoking Genetically Modified Cannabis?”

  1. If you aren’t now you probably soon will be:
    The US Government Now Supplies Cannabis Extracts to Epileptic Kids Dr. Sanjay Gupta Calls It Weed’s ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ Moment
    Very quietly, the federal government has begun approving—and even subsidizing—a series of studies of cannabidiol (CBD) for children with treatment-resistant epilepsy.


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