Shrouded deception


Whenever we dare to question our so-called elected government, do we actually need to be concerned with breaking any law? After all, the so-called elected government, regardless of whatever level (Federal, Provincial , or Municipal) reports to the people, right? That is what we are made to believe…

After obtaining a graduate degree in business, I only recently discovered why finance requires discounting tomorrow’s dollar. Not one professor could answer my inquiring question of why the dollar is devalued in the Finance Class, yet in Economics, we are made to believe that supply and demand rules a democratic nation.

The truth?

Every country is required to borrow their money from a privately owned “central” bank. That is why any dollar depreciates in the future – present and future value of money. Finance classes would be easier to understand if only this truth was revealed.

Let’s talk 9-11. Have you ever witnessed a controlled demolition? Think Las Vegas and “out with the old in with the new”. A number of controlled demolitions have taken place with respect to the hotels on the strip in Vegas. Witnessing an implosion or controlled demolition of an outgoing hotel is very emotional.

A controlled demolition, is just that … a controlled demolition or implosion.

The subject of Cancer and allopathic medicine’s archaic philosophy of treatment that has not changed in over 150 or more years, is up next for discussion.

At the same time that participating countries agreed to become a party to the United Nations 1961 Single Convention on Drug Control, which declared the cannabis plant as the most evil and most dangerous plant and narcotic on the planet, was at the same time that the government new the cannabis plant was the fastest and least invasive treatment that is able to reverse cancer.


Yes, you heard right. Time for you to do your own research …

If criminalizing a medicinal plant is not deceptive enough, are you aware that all land in North America, including the so called liberated US States, are all owned by the Crown? The Crown is not the Queen or King of England, as they are just mannequins. The Crown, is actually that separate and distinct City of London Square Mile …

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Click to access 3IRoLen.pdf

Click to access 3IRoLen.pdf

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