On the Ukrainian Genocide, Lemkin, and Himkian Dialectics

Current Politics in Ukraine

Roman Serbyn

 In “Myths of National Consolidation, the Holodomor, and the Holocaust: A Response to Roman Serbyn,” (http://ukraineanalysis.wordpress.com/2011/09/) John-Paul Himka counters my critique (<http://ukraineanalysis.wordpress.com/2011/08/) of the paper he delivered at the University of Alberta on 28 March 2011 (http://ukraineanalysis.wordpress.com/2011/08/). In his rejoinder, Himka touches on national myths, the place of Holocaust and Holodomor in Ukrainian history, the notion of genocide, and other related issues. All these questions beg further discussion, but to do them justice it would require a longer exposition than this article allows. I shall concentrate my attention on the Ukrainian genocide and comment on Himka’s evasive methodology in debating that subject

Himka and Snyder

 An initial difficulty in discussing the Ukrainian genocide with Himka is his unwillingness to adopt a clear and firm position on the concept of genocide. He states that he is reluctant to use the term…

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