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Hemp seed, the perfect food for optimal health


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Hemp Seeds are the most nutritious seed and food source on the planet. They have the most concentrated balance of proteins (amino acids), essential fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes and everything our body needs for homeostasis.

Hemp seeds contain a complete source of all 20 amino acids including the nine essential amino acids which our bodies are unable to produce on their own. Approximately 2/3 of the protein found in hemp seed is comprised of the globulin protein called Edestin, which is only found in hemp. Edestin facilitates digestion and is considered the backbone of our cell’s DNA. Hemp seed is also comprised of approximately 1/3 Albumin protein.

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Hemp Seed reverses Rare Liver Cancer

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Hepatoblastoma is a rare cancer of the liver that occurs in infants and young children.  This type of liver cancer is purported to be found within the first three years of life. The most common treatment for this cancer is surgery (removal of the tumor or liver transplant), chemo or radiation.

However, one of a group of related compounds found in the root and shells of the hemp plant, namely cannabisativine has shown to kill these cancer cells. The specific compound, cannabisin B, destroys the cancer cells and brings the body back to homeostasis functioning.

Many scientists and University professors that grew up believing the hype against “marijuana” are stunned to learn the real medicinal value, now that they have found ways to conduct research, and find out for themselves.

Due to the UN’s strict control since the mid 20th century on anything related to Cannabis Sativa, including consumption as food, research, studying, growing, personal medicinal use, etc, was strictly and forcibly forbidden and punished under the UN’s Strict International Drug Treaties.

Did you know that before the global eradication of industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis (they were both demonized and criminalized together), hemp was the main food source during the depression years when farmers in Canada’s western provinces would lose their crops to unrelenting weather?  There is evidence too that shows if your only consumption was hemp over an extended period of time, it would be very difficult for allopathic medicine (or any form of medicine) to find a deficiency of any kind in your body?